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Urban Princess

The Novel

Is a contemporary love story of a teenage couple and their relationship. It deals with innocent first love, preconceived notions of urban people, and suburban life. When Marc Lindsay, a Beverly Hills preparatory school student, participates in community service in South Los Angeles, the last thing he expects to find is love. Sparks fly when he meets Lisa Banks, a certified nursing assistant and aspiring dancer. In order to win her over, Marc hides his true identity, posing as a streetwise “hood” by day while living in his prep school world at night. Both learn that not all things are as they appear as they struggle to overcome stereotypes and define who they really are.

The Workbook

Which accompanies the reading of Urban Princess. Through the use of fun and visual activities, it will enhance the student's reading and comprehension, build existing vocabulary, help organize related concepts and themes, elaborate on characters and storyline, enhance critical thinking and aid in the ability to participate in open discussions.

The Power of Choice: Series 1 (Volume 1)

Teenagers face a complicated, ever-changing world. Just as their bodies mature, so do their thoughts, attitudes, and emotions. The process is not always easy. Mood swings are not just hormonal. Pressure from peers, home life, and increasing responsibilities make this a challenging period in anyone’s life.

In Urban Princess, Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson introduced readers to a cast of complex teenagers and young adults. In her new outing, Urban Princess Empowerment Series: The Power of Choice Tyson puts her characters into situations adolescents face every day, from bullying and relationships to substance abuse, self-esteem, and that holy grail of society, popularity.

With each story, Tyson deals with a specific issue, combining her own experiences as a teen and young adult with her training in behavioral health. Each story ends with a series of suggestions, advice, and worksheets to help readers solidify their own thoughts and evaluate how they react to such situations in real life.

How will you respond to the challenges of young adulthood? It’s OK not to know. After all, you’re still finding your own way. Tyson can help you find the answer that’s right for you.