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Dr.Tiffany D. Tyson
Motivational Speaker and Author

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Welcome to Tyson Multimedia

Tyson Multimedia was created by Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson to inspire teens and young adults throughout the country. She uses motivational speaking, art, music, science, technology, and literature to address issues such as self-esteem, respect, peer pressure, substance abuse, teen violence, cultural awareness and community.

Today’s young adults are faced with many challenges and society’s views of how they should look, act, and feel about themselves. Never before has there been a greater need for motivation and a venue for teens to voice their disappointments, fears, aspirations in order to have a healthy relationship. Once the process of self-discovery occurs individuals are empowered to take responsibility for their lives, respect themselves and others, communicate openly and live a life of purpose and success.

Urban Princess: The Power of Choice