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About Dr. Tyson

Dr. Tiffany D. Tyson was born and raised in North Carolina. At a very young age her mother and grandparents instilled in her good moral values and positive self- esteem. In addition they always wanted her to succeed in life. They knew the key to success was having a great education. Dr. Tyson completed her Master of Science in nursing degree (MSN) at Duke University, and her Clinical Doctorate (DNP) in mental health at Robert Morris University. While completing her doctorate she learned the importance of empowering individuals with self –identity.

Because of her own multi-ethnic background, issues concerning cultural diversity and norms were topics close to her heart .As a result she created novels that would inspire individuals from all walks of life and cultures by portraying characters of all nationalities and backgrounds within her novels. Not only does she want to tell a story but motivate others to achieve their dreams regardless of where they live, or their appearance.

As an educator, author, and practitioner, Dr. Tyson knows the importance of providing interactive, and thought- provoking presentations. Her events are empowering and enriched with refreshing openness, life experiences, and an understanding that God has a plan and will for all.

Dr. Tyson strongly believes, “You shouldn’t change yourself to try to fit in”. In her first novel, Urban PRINCESS offers a fictional narrative of a couple from different backgrounds and their struggle to overcome social taboos in search of themselves and togetherness.

Tyson sends a much needed message of hope, identifying and building positive relationships, self-esteem and staying true to yourself. Learn more...